What does the company do?

Our company has 3 main directions:

  • Dating for a relationship in the form of a lover + lover with financial support for the girl. Suitable for married and single men and free girls.
  • Dating for serious relationship. For free men and girls.
  • A girl on a trip, or an unforgettable vacation with a model, escort.

What is our service and why is it paid? In fact, our service is to save time for our customers. You do not need to start communication on a dating site, where girls do not exhibit their photos. No need to approach someone in the cafe to take the phone number. Our clients have already outgrown this level. With our company companionln, the acquaintance looks like this - looked at the questionnaires, told the manager when and where it is convenient to meet, met. Nothing extra. Excellent service for those whose time is expensive.

We do not have such a phenomenon as sex for money. All relationships are possible only with sympathy.

I want to become your client. What do I need to do for this?

To become a client of our company and to access the gallery for VIP persons, send an application from the site (go to private) or contact us during office hours by phone +380685104234

Can I expect confidentiality when I contact you?

Yes, of course, because the fundamental principle of the company's work of elite acquaintances Companionln is confidentiality of Clients.

Can I call your employee to my office?

Oh sure. At a personal meeting the consultant of the company will present you a detailed catalog with girls for elite acquaintances, and also give personal access to the closed gallery of the site. The cost of this service is 200$. Important!! The entry fee will be included in your first service account.

The company is engaged in an escort?

If you only need an escort, then no. For customers who have already ordered a standard or individual selection, we can pick up a girl on a trip, for example on vacation. Travel must be notified at least 5 days in advance. But we are not engaged in meetings for a couple of hours, suppers with extensions, etc. Girls for trips we take from our friends, from the escort company. These girls are not from our base.

Questionnaires and photos of girls are publicly available to all?

Confidentiality is one of the key principles of our company's work. Therefore, in free access to the questionnaires and photographs of girls are never laid out anywhere.

Is this all legal?

Yes, we only provide dating services and personnel company services. If you think our activities are illegal, it only says that you do not know the legislation.

Why do girls want financial support?

Everything is growing. The girl, instead of building a family, gives some of her youth to a relationship without long prospects. This should compensate for something. There is nothing wrong. The girl meets only with you. This is even more honest than the relationship without agreements. Everything is decided "on the shore". The basis is mutual sympathy. Financial support is attached to normal relationships.

Are there any real girls in the closed gallery?

Yes. There are no random persons in the closed gallery. Quality is strictly monitored by our experienced casting director. Therefore, all the girls of our premium dating company are real, trustworthy and match photos 100%.

In which cases do I lose personal access to the closed gallery of the site?

  • Your personal data for access to the closed gallery of the site will be automatically canceled if within 5 months you did not use the services of our company;
  • Your personal data will be automatically canceled if you did not contact us within 1 month after receiving personal access to the closed gallery;
  • In case of transfer of login and password to third parties, you are automatically deprived of the opportunity to use the closed gallery.

Can I pay for your services by bank transfer?

Oh sure. After approval of the estimate for services with your personal manager, you can always choose the payment method that will be most convenient for you.